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Our Beginning

It all began in 2017 when I stumbled upon a book called ‘The body keeps the score’ by Bessel van der Kolk, where I discovered the intriguing methods of Wim Hof and his deliberate cold exposure techniques.


Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to personally experiment with cold showers as a means to challenge myself and develop mental fortitude. However, I soon encountered a frustrating obstacle – the inconsistency of water temperatures, especially during the warmer months. It was then that I realized the need for a more immersive and impactful cold plunge experience.


I delved deeper into deliberate cold exposure and witnessed firsthand their astonishing benefits. Not only did cold therapy enhance my athletic performance and accelerate my recovery, but it also provided relief from mood swings that used to plague me. I became a true believer, and my passion for its physical and mental benefits ignited a desire to share it with others.


Recognizing that access to reliable cold plunge facilities was limited, especially in gyms and fitness studios, I founded Aqua Vita Labs. My mission was clear: to provide individuals with an affordable, durable, and portable solution for regular cold plunges in the comfort of their own homes.

Odel Ceballos

Aqua Vita Labs stands firmly on three pillars: accessibility, longevity, and affordability. I wanted to ensure that people with limited space and budget constraints could embrace the practice of cold plunging as part of their daily routines. By offering high-quality products built to last, I aimed to empower individuals and families to unlock their full potential and cultivate mental resilience.


Through Aqua Vita Labs, I envisioned a world where parents kickstart their mornings with invigorating cold plunges, setting the tone for a day of vitality. Families come together, sharing the experience and teaching their children the value of perseverance and a strong will. Our goal is to help people live more joyful lives, finding strength and joy in the struggle they willingly embrace.


As we journey forward, our long-term goals extend beyond the products themselves. We aim to contribute to scientific research, continuously improving our offerings based on insights from both science and the experiences of our valued customers. At Aqua Vita Labs we strive to be a trusted companion on the path to optimal wellness and a vibrant life.


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