Mission statement

At Aqua Vita Labs, we strive to provide the ultimate cold plunge experience by offering high-quality, eco-friendly tubs that are both versatile and portable. Our mission is to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing through the power of cold therapy. We are committed to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that you receive the best possible service and product.

Our Team

Aqua Vita Labs was founded by a team of fitness enthusiasts who believed in the power of cold therapy to enhance athletic performance and recovery.

Jamie Morrison

With years of experience in product development and marketing, I am dedicated to providing our customers with the best cold plunge experience possible through innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

Annie Hofstadter

As a technologist with a passion for sustainability, I bring a wealth of knowledge to Aqua Vita Labs, ensuring that our products are not only functional but also environmentally conscious.

Happy Customers​

Our commitment to providing eco-friendly, high-quality, and portable cold plunge tubs ensures that our customers can enjoy a premium experience while also feeling good about their impact on the environment.


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